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Barbie Axe is a life, health, and fitness coach who holds master’s degrees in English and psychology, a Master Health Coach certification, and a Group Fitness Instructor certification.

As a young adult, Barbie helped to care for her grandfather, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, while also witnessing her mother and grandmother immerse themselves deeply in daily caregiving responsibilities.

During and after college, Barbie worked as an instructor at Saint Louis University and as a freelance editor and tutor before taking on a position at the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center in the Department of Neurology at Washington University. In her role there as the Education Coordinator, she learned about the tremendous impact that chronic diseases can have on the loved ones who provide care to those who are afflicted.

In her coaching career, Barbie uses her own experiences with burnout and lack of self-care as a bridge to help others who feel stressed out and depleted. She recognizes that anyone can feel that way at any point in their lives and for any reason, and that caregivers are especially prone to these feelings and often are stricken with guilt at the mere thought of taking time for themselves. She specializes in working with caregivers and others who are experiencing guilt, stress, and burnout, helping them to reinvigorate their lives in mind, body, and spirit.





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