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Hi there! I’m Barbie Axe!

I help REAL people just like YOU to finally grant themselves permission to take care of THEMSELVES, so they can feel better in mind, body, and spirit through exercise, healthy eating, and taking time to refill their own cups.

I’m so excited to have the ability to help others who are in this place because I know what it feels like to be where you are, and I understand that there’s no switch you can flip to magically make things better.

I’ve been there. I remember feeling perpetually stressed out and depleted, and then reflecting back and realizing that I had felt that way for 10 years, a whole decade.

I wasn’t taking time for myself.

I was always tired.

I wasn’t allowing myself the time to prepare proper meals, so I was eating way too much processed food and fast food, which left me feeling physically sluggish and mentally guilty.

I wasn’t nurturing my relationships with friends and loved ones.

I was working all day for a business I owned but didn’t enjoy, not giving myself credit for what I had accomplished, and deciding that the only way to make it right was to work even more and cut out everything that I had deemed “unnecessary,” which was basically everything that made me happy and recharged my batteries.

Trust me – that was NOT the right approach!

I knew I needed to make a change before another decade passed in the same fashion. I realized that the only time I had been happy was when I was using my degree in psychology to help others. I decided to bolster that degree with a health coaching certification, and I also renewed my passion for fitness by pursuing my group fitness instructor certification.

Fast forward to today – I’m excited about my work, I’ve learned to give myself permission to enjoy some “me time,” I’m eating delicious and NUTRITIOUS foods, and I’m much more capable of letting life’s stressors roll off my back.

It’s a journey, though, and it requires commitment every day. But, like me, you can learn how to incorporate that commitment into your routine seamlessly so it just becomes second nature.

I invite you to join me on this journey – to feel full and rejuvenated, to feel confidant and energized both mentally and physically, and to have peace and happiness!

Barbie Axe, M.S.

Life, Health, & Fitness Coach

Barbie AxeBarbie Axe


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